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Biblical Counseling & Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is available to members and non-members on a donation basis. It is offered by trained teams of men and women who are not licensed counselors but who do desire to see the Lord heal and restore according to Isaiah 61. It may include: looking to Jesus Christ as the source of healing for spirit, soul, and body; accepting His power in your life through the Holy Spirit to deliver you from the penalty and power of sins (yours or others impacting you); repenting and forgiving as needed; breaking ancestral curses and the results of generational sin; breaking ungodly soul ties; accepting deliverance from spiritual forces which are present to steal and destroy your inheritance in Christ; praying for inner healing of your wounded soul and nurturing of your spirit.
Completely confidential.
The ministry team has used Ken & Sylvia Thornberg's teachings. We have used "Victory Over Spiritual Conflict", "Freedom Encounters Deliverance Procedures" and "Freedom for the Severe SRA and MPD" seminars.
To contact the ministry, please email: