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Church prophecy

February 22, 2011 By Charles Johnsrud

It is good to be ready.

But ready for what.

It is all how you look at what is coming.

Are you ready for less or are you ready for more of Me?

  1. Are you ready for more instability or are you ready to trust Me unconditionally?
  2. Are you afraid and dread the future or are you ready to see Me move in a powerful way?
  3. Are you concerned about loosing stuff or are you ready to receive things from Me that will last forever?
  4. Are you going to listen to the world or are you going to listen to Me?
  5. Are you going to walk in fear or are you going to walk by faith in Me?
  6. Are you nervous as you watch the world fall apart or are you looking up?  Are you excited of being a part of helping Me put people back together?

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