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God's Love
By Tim Randall

Everyone in our community is a target for God's love. Whether in the schools, at work, in the malls, or even in the streets, we need to have our heavenly Father's business in mind and consciously take Him wherever  we go.

While in San Diego for Jason's graduation from Marine boot camp, our family was confronted by an individual claiming to be in need of money. Whether the story he gave us was true or not, I don't know. I do know that this was an opportunity to show God's love to someone in need. While Melody was taking out some money, she told the man she'd like to pray with him. He stepped back thinking this a little odd, but in need of the money, let Melody bless him in Jesus's name. Whether Melody planted a seed that night or did some watering, we may never know. I do know that gentleman had a small "taste" of God's kingdom that night and I pray God puts a hunger in his heart for more.

Statistics show that during the holiday season there is an escalation of depression and suicide. What is a joyous time of year for some can be an extremely difficult time for others. My prayer is that you will be the arrow sent from the bow of our heavenly Father to touch the life of someone in need. Let your light shine. Whose life can God change through you today?

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